We are traveling to Nepal in November. Yes, that’s true and I more than excited about this trip.

We are going there to visit the Himalayas, precisely we plan to trek the Annapurna circuit. We will spend 21 days in Nepal, and we will try to cover as large part of the trail as possible. But it’s hard to estimate how far we will get as it’s the Himalayas, and we will have spent a lot of time at high altitudes reaching over 5400m at the Thorang La Pass. Therefore a lot will depend on our acclimatization and weather conditions.

Joining me on this trip are Szymon and Zofia. Szymon has already traveled with me to multiple destinations including Svalbard, Gran Canaria, and Crete. He can be quite irritating from time to time and he complains a lot :P.

The other person is Zofia, I’ve met her while I was working on my Ph.D., and we have worked in the same lab for a long time. Is she more irritating than Szymon? I’m not sure, but we will find out soon, on the bright side at least she has some knowledge about first aid ;).

In contrary to my friends I’m not planning to hire a Porter hence I will have to consider every gram and take as little gear as possible. This will be difficult as we will travel through different climate zones, with temperatures at night reaching between 15C and -15C depending on the location. I will publish a complete gear list soon

I also have to admit that all of us treat this trip seriously. Szymon has purchased a bicycle and as far as I know, he uses it on daily basis. Zofia started going to a gym and she also trains in different ways. I have been eating healthy and hitting a gym regularly for over six years, but lately, I have tried to clean my diet even more.

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