Cold night at the airport

I landed at Tenerife Sur airport at about 1 a.m. local time. After picking my bag I started looking for a sleeping spot. Unfortunately, as I didn’t take my sleeping mat I was limited to benches, which seemed much better than ones at the Terminal 1 in Madrid but still not too comfortable.

I prepared my “bed” and I tried to fall asleep. Unfortunately, some guy started polishing the floor with one of these electric v vehicles and he was highly passionate about it. Finally, when he finished I was able to fall asleep. I was wakened up a few times by the airport announcements. Every time after waking up I had to change my position as the bench was much worse than it seemed to be.

I got up at about 5 am and I went to buy a coffee from a vending machine. Then I sat down on another bench and I covered myself with a sleeping bag as I felt cold. Then I heard something moving under nearby stairs. It was some guy who was sleeping there. I am quite sure that he had a much better night than I did. Damn sleeping mat.

View of Mount Teide

At about 8 I left the airport and I saw Teide. I haven’t seen this numerous mountain for three years. The last time it happened was when I was hiking with Szymon on Gran Canaria, and It has been one of the most marvelous views that I had seen in my whole life.

View on Teide from the Tenerife Sur airport

Summer in winter

From the airport, I took a 415 bus to Costa del Silencio, where I booked a hostel. The ride cost was 2.45 euro. It was too early to check in and I decided to take a walk around the town. It was early and peaceful. Some people were running at the promenade, an older man was sitting on the bench watching waves.

Marine del Sur (Marina South)

After some time I decided to put sunscreen as I started to feel the exposure to UV radiation. I had spent about four hours wandering around before I checked-in at the hostel. Then I unpacked my stuff and I took a shower.

Map of bus lines in the area

Later I took another short walk in the area and I returned to the hostel to repack my stuff for a trip to Teide.🗻

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