What an unexpected twist, in July we are going to travel far behind the Arctic Circle. We were looking for a flight to Tenerife Island to do some hiking, especially to hike Teide. But I had found a compelling offer, and we have just booked a trip to Svalbard! We will be visiting the archipelago in July. First, we will be flying from Warsaw to Oslo, and from there we have a flight to the town of Longyearbyen, which is located on Spitsbergen Island and is the northernmost settlement of any kind with more than 1000 permanent residents (said to be the northernmost town on Earth). The ticket cost per person was 907 PLN (approximately 215$).

And yes, I’m writing “we,” because this time I’m not traveling alone, Szymon has decided to join me on this adventure. It’s the same guy that was hiking with me in Gran Canaria and Crete.

More details soon…

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