Completely forgotten mushroom pictures

I found these mushroom images, while I was preparing another article, and I’ve decided to share them. I’ve taken these pictures near Warsaw, with Nikon D5100 and 50mm f/1.8G lens.

Part of the great Polish cuisine

The top two pictures present a porcini (Boletus edulis, Polish translation: Borowik Szlachetny). It’s eatable species, and it’s highly regarded in Polish cuisine. It is a base for many Christmas dishes. After taking the pictures we picked them, and they were cut to pieces. Next, we dried the parts and kept them in a dry paper bag with our other findings.

We unpack dried mushrooms just before Christmas. My family uses them later in three traditional dishes of Polish cuisine: a  zupa grzybowa (a porcini mushroom soup), a bigos and pierogi (filled dumplings).  Zupa grzybowa and pierogi are part of a supper on Christmas Eve, the bigos is served on the Christmas Day. All of these dishes are delicious if appropriately prepared, and I simply love them.

As  I know nothing about mushrooms from other pictures, hence we haven’t risked using them for culinary purposes.

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