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I visited Las Vegas as a part of my Trek America trip in 2013, and I have to say: no one will ever drag me there again, even by force. I’ve enjoyed all other parts of my tour through the US, we started in New York and traveled to Los Angeles in 21 days. I’ve loved white water rafting on Ocoee River. I was astonished by Carlsbad Caverns. The landscapes in Grand Canyon and Zion were breathtaking. Learning horseback riding was an entirely new thing to me. Swimming in waters of Lake Powell was also a memorable experience, and there was even much more.

Subjective opinion

After the time that I have spent in Las Vegas, I can only write that this place was completely not suiting my taste. Though writing that I hate it might be an exaggeration, I definitely did not like it. I can understand that some people might enjoy it, one of my friends have even won about $700 there, but I prefer more peaceful locations.
Usually, I would try to describe the time spent at the location, but not on this occasion. Here is the list of things that I hated about Las Vegas:

  1. Complete architectural chaos, I’m not a specialist on architecture, but it was a complete mess. Copies of buildings from around the world placed at randomly selected locations. It seems that somebody was simply throwing a dice. We’ve got six lets put a copy of Di Trevi fountain over there, and now we have one, we should build an Eifel tower just behind the corner.
  2. Copies of famous buildings, do I need to say more? Is it that hard to come up with own astonishing architecture?
  3. Incredible crowds, including a lot of drunk people. I know that crowds are common for tourist locations, but even so, the masses of people were incredible there.
  4. Hookers advertisement everywhere, It’s impossible to avoid people constantly trying to give you business cards with the contact information.

I could not find any qualities in this City, but probably I was looking for different things while visiting the US. Maybe there are some interesting places outside the city center? Please share your thoughts.

Update: I have just realized that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) takes place in Las Vegas, that has to be at least +3 points in 10 point scale 😉

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